About Lisiate Tonga
Lisiate Tonga is an entrepreneur currently residing in Melbourne, Australia with his family.  Lisiate struggled with addictions since he was the age of 11 and at the age of 35 he finally decided to change his life. Through trial and error and a lot of heartache, he managed to find a way to put his addictions behind him and find a life full of meaning and purpose.

Lisiate is an addiction recovery expert who helps people break free from their negative habits and influences. He has spent the past few years writing a self-help book, Conquer Your Addictions, and also putting out relevant content weekly across multiple online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and his blospot.  His purpose is to help others in the struggle to overcome their demons and find meaning for their lives.
Lisiate has recently made a change to take a more targeted approach by creating an addiction recovery program to help individuals, on a more personal level, change their lives for the better.  He loves working with people and watching their lives change.
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